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A Kankuro and Tenten Fanclub
Current Residence: Hidden Leaf and Hidden Sand Villages
Wallpaper of choice: KankuxTen!
Favourite cartoon character: Kankuro and Tenten!
If anyone is interested in taking over this club and turning it into a group please contact Evilevergreen. Thank you. =D

:heart::star:Welcome to the KankuroxTenten Club!:star::heart:

:wave: Hello, and welcome to the KankuroxTenten club! We are (obviously) a club devoted to the relationship between Kankuro and Tenten from the series Naruto.

:bulletred: Dearest fans of KankuroxTenten xD Our old creator, Peachpit, is not returning to this club any sooner. Therefore, the club in now under new Administration.


Still need two more Mods plus Prize Artist for Contests.


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Contests:… - There are no current contest.

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:heart::star: Biographies</u>:star::heart:

A ranged weapons specialist who looks up to her teammate, Neji. She is an amazing sharpshooter, able to hit a target in the bull's-eye 100 times out of 100; however, if her weapons are nullified she is effectively out of attack options. Tenten's goal was to become as powerful as the legendary Tsunade long before the latter returned to Konoha and became the fifth Hokage, and she appeared a bit star-stricken by actually seeing her idol in person.

A master puppeteer who uses chakra strings to control his three combat puppets, Karasu ("Crow"), Kuroari ("Black Ant") and Sanshōuo ("Salamander") (with a new puppet appearing at each major appearance of Kankuro all three puppets were apparently destroyed in battle with the Akatsuki member Sasori. His face is covered with patterns of face paint.

*Information retreaved from Wikipedia

Why KankuroxTenten?</u>
Why not? If your not a fan of non-canon couples, thats fine. But we are. =D Kankuro's hat makes him look like a kitty, and Tenten's hair makes her look like a mouse. o^.^o And don't say that's stupid, because it's the same reason there are KankuroxKiba fans. =3 Leave us to fangirl/boyish fantasies.


1) You must be a fan of the pairing KankuroxTenten. If not, why are you here?

2) Please send a NOTE to the club, requesting to join. NOT a COMMENT a NOTE.

3) Respect other members' fanworks.

4) No bashing, please! :XD:

5) To confirm joining, please watch the club and add our icon to your journal. :D

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fiannagrrl Featured By Owner May 4, 2010
KankuroxTenTen - my favourite non-canon couple by far. Why have I not found this before x3!

KankuTen ftw!
frannadoll Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2009  Student General Artist
Whaaaaa? There are more people besides me who love this strange yet ridiculously adorable pairing?

Jinx6896 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2008
Kankuro and TenTen Rock!!!
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